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Why sharing is magical


Sharing ideas, thoughts, information and knowledge is truly powerful. Here's a simple example to show what I mean by "Sharing is magical"

04 Mar 2020

Dark mode with CSS


Since went live a while ago, I wanted to add the dark mode to it

02 Mar 2020

Remote work opportunities in Japan


Tech remote jobs scene in Japan is still growing but it does exist.

20 Feb 2020

Docker stop all processes on Github Actions


How to show all Docker running containers, stop and remove them on Github Actions

04 Feb 2020

Time Series database drawbacks


Issues I have encountered with time series databases

27 Aug 2019

React hooks vs Meteor reactive var


A show case of react hooks compared to meteor reactive vars

25 Jul 2019

Teaching others teaches you


Why to teach and speak your knowledge

05 Jul 2019

GraphQL, are we there yet?


When to migrate from REST to GraphQL

27 May 2019

Saving dates on database saves your day


Decision making for database minor design

15 May 2019